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The gentleman with the sandy whiskers.

The people of Britain may be quite clueless about clothing but those english foxes are a different matter.

I know he’s not badly dressed nor is he a person for that matter, but as I was browsing my old photos and I stumbled across him. He’s just too hilarious slash adorable not to share.

The Corbridge county show always surprises, amidst the hoards of anoraks and cheap wellies some people snatch the opportunity to go all out heritage style, which I’ll happily admit is a style I love.Image


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Metro stations …

Metro stations are turning into such easy hunting grounds for people with bad taste!

However I do feel slightly stalker-esque when I’m fumbling around trying to find my phone and catch a picture before my latest victim escapes. Well, stalker or super secret agent, I’m not quite sure.

As far as i’m aware comic books are for reading yes? apparently thats just not so. No no, Comic books are for wearing. everywhere.

This man could be a genius. If his agenda in choosing to wear comic print clothing was to lure comic book loving women to himself then he’s gone all out. But he probably just thought it looked cool. Well it doesn’t, not even a little bit.

I think what makes matters worse is that non of his illustrated clothing items match. they’re all different styles and they’re all different comic strips.

I am however impressed. comic strip headphones? Thats real dedication to a bold choice. I wouldn’t quite know where to start looking for comic strip headphones.

Unfortunately I’m not a photographer, which I’m sure is obvious. So I didn’t manage to include the Lichenstein trainers. Instead of assuming that this fashion choice stems directly from this mans obvious love of picture books, I’m going to think he bought Lichenstein trainers because he is an avid fan of the artist’s work. I’m a huge fan of Jack Vettriano’s work but I’m fairly confident that if I found a pair of The Singing Butler print underwear I wouldn’t be even remotely tempted.

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Florence the Fraud

Florence wasn’t Florence.

Today she chose to wear a miss-matched floral ensemble  to accompany her fiery ‘fro.

And since this isn’t the real Flo, I feel it is perfectly acceptable to say that this woman is ridiculous. I’m mostly angry that she fooled me, I feel this imposter deliberately tricked me into thinking she was florence. It was a cruel trick.

In person faux Flo was unquestionably beautiful, But she deceived me so I hate her.

It’s possible that this woman doesn’t really derive her eclectic style choices from Florence, for the sake of argument I’m assuming that she does.

She obviously does.

I will finish this post tomorrow. I’m sleepy


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Florence and Fashion

The Metro stations in Newcastle tend to be rather grimy places, so I was very excited when I spied Florence Welch slumming it on public transport.

Orange hair isn’t something I would consider to be a fashion norm. However this is genuinely Florence Welch and she’s a celebrity and celebrities aren’t real people.

If this Orange haired woman were a regular person, I’d feel obliged to criticise her offensive hair colour. But judging a celebrity is quite thoroughly pointless.

Florence. I saw her.


definitely her.


Cross Country Julie

Today whilst on a train travelling from Leeds to Newcastle I was greeted by a ticket inspector named Julie wearing Nike trainers and working a bowl cut.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with either of those things. I’m sure this middle-aged woman decided sports wear in a workplace was a genius idea and I assume this is because every night when she leaves her Cross Country carriage she takes off at a heavy sprint and maintains this pace until she reaches her home. This seems quite likely as her rather smart uniform was slightly strained around her waist from what I assume to be amazing abdominal muscles.

It’s also possible, though unlikely, that our friend Julie is simply sloppy and considers her self to be above the effort walking in more appropriate shoes. If this is the case, she probably doesn’t have amazing abs and instead is a little bit squidgy.

there is a time and a place to acceptably wear Nike trainers.

The bold bowl cut “Julie is a woman who works hard, she paces back and forth throughout a train all day. Julie needs to look good as she addresses the public on a daily basis. Julie doesn’t have time to preen herself for hours on end before checking tickets, she needs to be on the ball. Julie is one of a kind, a trend setter” This is a quote from Julie’s Hairdresser and it’s definitely 100% accurate. Probably.

As I fumbled around in my bag to find my tickets, I could see how practical Julie’s choice was, her hair never gets in her eyes, she doesn’t have to worry about it falling out of place and she barely has to brush it.

I spotted a shock of electric blue shyly making an appearance on Julie’s left shoulder.

Despite having a bowl cut, Julie has chosen to keep a long strand of hair growing from the back of her head and that the only suitable colour for said strand is electric blue to compliment her natural mousey blonde. This is a clear demonstration of Julie’s wild side and obviously allows her to style her hair in so many adventurous ways during her leisure time.

I can’t wait to catch another Train next Friday.

I couldn’t take a picture of Julie without her noticing, so here is a life-like portrait.


Cross Country Julie



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Oh hey

I’m ill and I didn’t appreciate the man in UGGs on the metro. Thats all